The special thing about this project is, there was never a telco company in Malaysia that offered equal values for calls or data in a mobile plan. But U Mobile was first to offer and it was revolutionary. Just like the name itself, 
Hero Postpaid emerged as a hero and saved Malaysians as a plan that gives you more data and more call time at the same time. With great team effort, we manage to pull this off and it was a campaign that came through with a lot of hard work. 
CD: Adam Chan
Creative Group Head: Jarrod Reginal
Copywriter: Xin Xian Teoh
Art Director: Aaron Wong
The TVC that was shot in Malaysia, amazing work by director, Sling and Director's Think Tank, a great production house. 
The print ad. 
The final masthead.
The masthead that wasn't chosen. I think the client made the right choice :)
A work in progress of a version of the print ad. 
Another work in progress of the print ad before it was finalized. 
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