Executive Creative Director: Vijay Anand
Creative Director: Lee Tak Shune
Art Director / Designer: Aaron Wong
Copywriter: Imara Natchiar, Niamh Charlote
Director / Editor: Abdul Hadi
AV Producer: Jacqueline Raposo, Jan Teoh
Account Servicing: Victoria Kovalan, Jasmine Loh, Haruka Teh, Vania, Liyana
Storyboard Artist: KT Teng
The brief from client: 
1. To further introduce the personalities of the 3 main spokes candy of M&M's, Red, Yellow & Green. 
2. To make M&M's relevant at movie/drama occasions. Whenever we think of movies, we think of M&M's, 
just like popcorn. 
Cover photo on the M&M's official Facebook page
The launch interactive video with an alternate mix of storylines between a comedy, an action film or a romantic drama depending on what you choose in between every check point of the video. Each time you pick between a genre the outcome is different but the storylines will surprisingly join in a very quirky way.
A teaser GIF posted on M&M's official Facebook page to start some hype for the campaign before the launch of the interactive video.
Sustenance Facebook post to enhance the relation of Red with action films - #ActionRed
Sustenance Facebook post to enhance the relation of Green with romantic dramas - #DramaGreen
Sustenance Facebook post to enhance the relation of Yellow with comedy - #FunnyYellow
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