Smirnoff Ice Black - The Launch
Smirnoff Ice introduces its Black flavour the very first time in Malaysia and we chose to do it in a stylish way on Halloween. Smirnoff Ice Black is all about igniting your dark side, being bold and wild. Hence the mysterious and dark visuals. 
Creative Group Head: Jarrod Reginald
Creative Director: Adam Chan
Art Directors: Aaron Wong, James Voon
Copywriter: Xin Xian Teoh
Video Production: Astatica
Photography: Allen Dang, Wizard Photography
AV Producer: Jan Teoh
The launch video
The Social Media post
The Cube Tentcard in bars and clubs
Key Visual Photography
Key Visual Photography
Key Visual Photography
The Media Invite - a direct mail sent to media houses inviting them to the launch of Smirnoff Ice Black in Zouk KL on Halloween. 
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