This was a pitch work that was never properly presented. Sad to say, it was very demoralising and wasted the creative's weeks of efforts. But we as a team still loved the work very much. So I am sharing it here to show the world our hard work.

It is definitely not easy to come up with a modern, appealing campaign for Chinese New Year, simply because the festival has been celebrated thousands of times, or more. It is hard not to repeat any elements, and it is hard not to make it look old fashioned while keeping the traditional elements. But I think we did well for this campaign for the year of the chicken, or year of the fire rooster. I am proud of my team even though it never came to life. 


Executive Creative Director: Vijay Anand
Creative Director: Lee Tak Shune
Art Director: Aaron Wong
Senior Designer: Benny Yap
Designer: Pang Yi Jing
Copywriters: Deborah Woong, KC  
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